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Use QStyle::drawPrimitive() to acheive similar functionality. You can use them if you need some functionality not provided yet by the new QFileDialog class. QStyleOption has taken on a more central role and is no longer an optional argument, please see the QStyleOption documentation for more information. The QListView, QListViewItem, QCheckListItem, and QListViewItemIterator classes have been renamed Q3ListView, Q3ListViewItem, Q3CheckListItem, and Q3ListViewItemIterator, and have been moved to the Qt3Support library. In Qt 4, cpm homework help int 3 it has been replaced by the QMimeData class. See Rich Text Processing for an overview of the Qt 4 rich text classes. In most cases, help with thesis Qt 4 provides similar functionality. In Qt 4, this property has been replaced by the QLayout::sizeConstraint property which provides more control over how the layout behaves when resized. You need to create your own codec if you want to create a codec based on a POSIX2 charmap definition. In Qt 4, use QMimeData instead and call QMimeData::setText() to set the data. To ease the pain, philosophy essay writing service we list some of the major changes here. QCacheIterator<T> has been renamed Q3CacheIterator<T> and moved to the Qt3Support library. Qt 4's setNamedColor() uses the new W3C convention as stated here. The APIs of QPtrVector<T> and QVector<T *> are somewhat similar. Alternatively, you can call QMetaObject::invokeMethod() if you want to invoke a slot. The new QApplication class inherits QCoreApplication and adds GUI-related functionality. See Virtual Functions for a list of QButton virtual member functions in Qt 3 that aren't virtual in Qt 4. The QTextIStream convenience class is no longer provided in Qt 4. See Container Classes for a list of Qt 4 containers. The QPainter::RasterOP enum has been replaced with QPainter::CompositionMode. In Qt 3, money can buy you happiness essay a QPalette consisted of three QColorGroup objects. As a help when porting older Qt applications, the Qt3Support library contains a QValueList<T> class implemented in terms of the new QLinkedList<T>.

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The QStrList and QStrIList convenience classes have been deprecated since Qt 2.0. Qt 4 does not provide a specific replacement class for QHGroupBox since QGroupBox is designed to be a generic container widget. The table below lists the enums and typedefs that have been renamed in Qt 4. The QTextView class has been renamed Q3TextView and moved to the Qt3Support library. If you get stuck, ask on the qt-interest mailing list. The QSqlEditorFactory class has been renamed Q3SqlEditorFactory and moved to Qt3Support. The old class has been renamed Q3DateEdit and moved to the Qt3Support library. The QStyle::drawItem() overloads that took both a pixmap and a string have been removed. This function is taken out and should is replaced with the function QPaintDevice::paintEngine() and the abstract class QPaintEngine. This brings QByteArray in line with QString. New Qt applications should use one of the following four classes instead: QTreeView or QTreeWidget for tree-like structures; QListWidget or the new QListView class for one-dimensional lists. See also the section on QGroupBox below. This means programs compiled for Qt 3 must be recompiled to work with Qt 4. If asynchronous repaints are used extensively by your application, and it is not practical to redesign the rendering model to perform all painting operations from within a widget's paintEvent() function, it may be necessary to consider using an intermediate painting step. QPtrDict<T> and QPtrDictIterator<T> have been renamed Q3PtrDict<T> and Q3PtrDictIterator<T> and have been moved to the Qt3Support library. Types with no suitable convenience function for unpacking can be retrieved with the QVariant::value() function or passed directly to classes that implement the QVariant() operator. The static QStringList::split() function for splitting strings into lists of smaller strings has been replaced by QString::split(), gcse drama help coursework which returns a QStringList.

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Old code like QVariant(true, 0) should be replaced with QVariant(true); otherwise, the QVariant(int, void *) overload might accidentally be triggered. In Qt 3, it was possible to change the resizing behavior for layouts in top-level widgets by adjusting the layout's resizeMode property. The API has changed to reflect that. Note: Setting widget attributes to disable key features of Qt's widget rendering model may also cause other features to be disabled. Unlike Q3ButtonGroup, the new QButtonGroup doesn't inherit QWidget. See Virtual Functions for a list of QFrame virtual member functions in Qt 3 that are no longer virtual in Qt 4. The '\0' issue is handled by having QByteArray allocate one extra byte that it always sets to '\0'. QSqlQuery::prev() was renamed to QSqlQuery::previous(). The old QWhatsThis class is available as Q3WhatsThis in Qt3Support. The QSqlFieldInfo class has been moved to Qt3Support. In Qt 4, it is called Q3MultiLineEdit, it inherits Q3TextEdit, and it is part of Qt3Support. If you have the line QT += qt3support in your .pro file, qmake will automatically define the QT3_SUPPORT symbol, turning on compatibility function support. The old class has been renamed Q3TimeEdit and moved to the Qt3Support library. The old QProgressDialog API is available as Q3ProgressDialog in the Qt3Support library. The QDragObject class has been renamed Q3DragObject and moved to the Qt3Support library.

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In Qt 4, it has been replaced by QTcpServer. New Qt applications should use the new QTableWidget or QTableView class instead. It also has the concept of a current color group, essay homework help which you can set using QPalette::setCurrentColorGroup(). If you use a Q3ButtonGroup, Q3HButtonGroup, or Q3VButtonGroup as a widget and want to port to Qt 4, you can replace it with QGroupBox. This can now be checked by checking QPolygon::size() after the call. See Java-style iterators for details. QVariant is still able to hold values of these types. It has been renamed Q3SimpleRichText and moved to the Qt3Support library. Be aware that QListIterator has a different way of iterating than QPtrList. Similarly, it contains QValueListIterator<T> and QValueListConstIterator<T> classes implemented in terms of QLinkedList<T>::iterator and QLinkedList<T>::const_iterator. In Qt 3, various "range control" widgets (QDial, QScrollBar, QSlider, and QSpin) inherited from both QWidget and QRangeControl. The QUrl class has been rewritten from scratch in Qt 4 to be more standard-compliant. The QSocketDevice class has been renamed Q3SocketDevice and moved to the Qt3Support library.