Thesis on service quality in hotels writing a customer service job description

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Hi, I’m not familiar with this area. Sometimes, it can be improved in terms of adding new features such as modifying the algorithm such that it can take some constraints into account. I want to study in field of ” Detecting fake account on online social network by content analysis ” for Master’s Thesis. Please suggest me application of confabulation association rule mining for multidimensional association rule generation. The competition for experiences that count is higher than ever. This is some very broad questions. I read all of the comments but i could not find any related things . Otherwise, you may also check the journals and conference on data mining or similar research areas. It seems like an optimization problem. Personally, I prefer topics at a fundamental level (design of algorithms) but there many people who work on a more applied level (for example, you may check any conference on e-learning, there is a lot of applied research). Actually, it would be best if you could reimplement but also improve the method with some additional features to address some limitations of that method, if you can. In other words, geography homework help year 8 most topics in data mining can be combined with big data.

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Either you can use some data from some websites such as PSLC datashop ( ) or you collect your own data. The hotel managers must make sure that the exceptional and memorable services are executed well so that these services do not fail. There have been many papers on this topic in recent year. It takes time and I cannot do this for you. Because if you don’t have data, you cannot do your project. What I do is that I design some data mining algorithms and we apply them in some research projects. The first thing to consider is whether you want to design/improve data mining techniques, apply data mining techniques or do both. It is not very easy to find a topic. May God bless you & your family. I don’t work in the medical field. Really good. Many thanks to Mr.Philippe for his replies. The magic to it is the exceptional service formula and is directly traced to guest experience management.

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It is much better to work on something popular than on something that is not. Front office managers must remember that the front desk is the communication center of every hotel. For finding a specific topic, do my homework cheap you can read the blog post above which explain the steps for finding a good topic. A service provider can apply such sophisticated skills only after undertaking foundation training in their organization’s product and services. Your research supervisor should be able to help you. If there is some at your university, you may try to contact them and perhaps that they can provide some data. The blog post on this page explains how to choose a topic. Then you need to find one that you like. The contribution would not be in computer science (since you would not create anything new in computer science) but the contribution would only be about that data. I guess it could be ok. But even if you choose a field, you still need to find a specific topic. I couldn’t suggest a new method. Please note that Internet Explorer version 8.x is not supported as of January 1, 2016. Can you suggest me specific dataset/problem for it?

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The goal of this blog post is to explain how to search so that you can do it by yourself. But there are certainly some challenges to solve. No. I won’t do that. Searching for a topics takes a time. I guess that you can easily find some papers about that on Google Scholar. Actually, what I want to say is that many kind of data could be used to predict the performance of a student. Choosing a supervisor is a very important and strategic decision that every graduate student has to make. I’m not familiar with agricultural field so I cannot tell you what are the best topics related to this. While building new hotels, cruise lines, restaurants and attractions continues at a frenzied pace, guests are demanding more than new lobbies and exquisite cuisine. Communication: Understandable manner and use of language by the service provider. Any management related data mining topic for MSc thesis? The fact that the transaction is binary or text should not make any problem for an encryption algorithm.

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Either you try to collect your own data. As part of a caring and vital Catholic community, students enjoy a rich and varied student life. I have not worked with stock data before. Where I can get a referece paper, documentation and code for Artificial bee colony optimization?