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The more senses you have engaged I feel the more you will retain the information. Rome: Explore people, mythology, daily life, death and burial, writing, and archaeology. Prior to my tutoring and teaching experiences, I was also a babysitter for my neighborhood starting from the age of 10. We can help lower stress and frustration by boosting your child’s comprehension and teaching him or her how to apply new skills, photography dissertation help resulting in better grades and performance in the classroom. I teach child how to study, because if a child can't study a child will struggle. My individualized approach allows me to identify gaps and provide a multi-sensory approach to learning. Most of the areas that I am familiar with are areas in which I have already gone through school and learned in class. Your Cart is Empty. Please Choose a Product. This lesson will explore the famous Flavian emperors: Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian. I have completed my master’s degree in Author of Arabic Literature. I attended UW Baraboo for almost three years and then went on to UW Milwaukee to continue my education for my masters in Sociology.'s Ancient Rome: History Facts for Students Homework Help Resource Page provides the best available facts about Ancient Rome and the Ancient Roman Alphabet, Ancient Roman Architecture, Ancient Roman Art, Ancient Roman Aqueduct, Ancient Roman Astronomy, Ancient Roman Athletic Games, Ancient Roman Cities, Ancient Roman Calendar, Ancient Roman Economy and Coins, Ancient Roman Education, Ancient Roman Food, Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses, Ancient Roman Government, Ancient Roman Homes, Ancient Roman Jewelry, Ancient Roman Law, Ancient Roman Market, Ancient Roman Mathematics, Ancient Roman Marriage, Ancient Roman Medicine, Ancient Roman Mythology, Ancient Roman Philosophies, Ancient Roman Pottery, Ancient Roman Ships, Ancient Roman Theater, Ancient Roman War, Ancient Roman Weapons and Armor, Ancient Roman Transportation and Roads, Ancient Roman Baths, Ancient Roman Board Games, Ancient Roman Clothing, Ancient Roman Daily LIfe, Ancient Roman Emperors, Ancient Roman Music, Ancient Roman Plumbing, Ancient Roman Religion, Ancient Roman Slaves, and Ancient Roman Social Classes. I am very hands on. I like to utilize visual and aural aids. Copyright © 2004-2018 | All Rights Reserved. If your son or daughter would benefit from some extra practice on a particular assignment or simply wants to lay the groundwork to get ahead at school, our expert tutors can help. Rome was a Roman Kingdom for over 200 years; a Roman Republic for about 500 years, and the Roman Empire for about 500 years. I speak three languages, Arabic French and English.

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People from all over the world travel to Rome to see its historic monuments and art treasures. If your teen has come to dread homework because of the volume of assignments or the complexity of the subject matter, it's time to turn to Sylvan for Advanced Homework Help. I am very organized, as I like to plan my lessons ahead of time. This lesson is about Augustus, the first emperor of Rome. Rome is located in Italy on a peninsula that sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea. As we explore this work, we'll highlight Rome's disdain for the Christian faith and Augustine's argument against Rome's religious position. Rome throughout its history had more than 75 Roman Emperors. This lesson will identify the emperors of the Nervan-Antonine Dynasty. This lesson explores Virgil's 'Aeneid'. I enjoy explaining complicated grammar things with simple words. Every student I worked with received an "A" in their respective course. Currently a college student with a strong background of math and reading. I am a very patient and friendly teacher. Complete sample problems and get instant feedback., doing homework for your child Inc. All Rights Reserved. Today the city is a center of culture and tourism. Gods and Goddesses were the center of the ancient Roman religion. We were picked from our teachers for this special class. After translating an article, all tools except font up/font down will be disabled. It will also highlight the details of each emperor's reign. These may vary from simply being frustrated with the curriculum to a myriad of influences. We’ve been busy, working hard to bring you new features and an updated design. I can easily find conversation topics and I would be glad to help my students improving their oral, dissertation sur la notion de service public written and understanding skills.

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Highlighting the reigns of Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero, it will shed light on the Roman Empire's first ruling dynasty. I like reading, watching good films as well as educational and informative programs and I like to play many different sports. Rome is the capital of Italy, homework help websites for elementary students a country in southern Europe. I am an Orton Gillingham trained teacher of reading and able to provide academic support for students with reading differences. I am an 8th grade student, which is great because I can connect to other students. Ranging from political to scientific. I have never tutored online, but I have tutored in person for up to 4 hours a week. I help people acquiring a new language naturally simply by talking about interesting things. This lesson explains the gradual fall of Rome. We begin in the catacombs of Rome, looking at early Christian frescoes. I also have a sister and cousins in which I like helping them with their homework. The History Channel: Each month the History Channel takes new explorations into the past and puts them on display for you, utilizing state-of-the-art interactive technology; listen to speeches drawn from the most famous broadcasts and recordings of the Twentieth Century. Augustine and one his most famous works, homework help research paper The City of God. In my free time I would like ti help out people in areas that I am familiar and experienced with. Identify which concepts are covered on your history of the fall of Rome homework.

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Rome is known as the Eternal City. I am willing to travel to your home. Lisa N. - Atlanta, service trip essay GA 30310 (47.2 mi) - $52.5/hr. To re-enable the tools or to convert back to English, click "view original" on the Google Translate toolbar. Christianity managed to exist for hundreds of years before becoming the official religion of Rome. I have taught students of all levels for the last 15 years. Who2: Find famous people biographies fast! I have spent 9 years of teaching in two colleges here in Morocco while at the same time continuing my studies at the faculty of Literature and Human Sciences. My style is considered out of the box, meaning that if the standard method does not "click" with him/her, then I enjoy finding something of interest to them, to relate that to the subject at hand.