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I have college students who still struggle w/ basic multiplication tables! At the same time, I know that not everyone enjoys or needs chemistry in their every day life or work. To reduce confusion while using this homework helper, our lessons will only cover the part-whole relationship. Media outlet trademarks are owned by the respective media outlets and are not affiliated with Varsity Tutors. Step 4) I will email the homework solutions to you as an attached file. SIMPLY TURNING IN THESE PROBLEMS FOR A GRADE WILL NOT HELP YOU TO STUDY, AND AS A RESULT, YOUR EXAM SCORES WILL SUFFER AND YOUR GRADE WILL SUFFER. The width of a rectangle is 7ft and its length is 19ft. If you use this homework help service as a homework cheating service, it will NOT help you in the long run because you need to pass your exams. FYI, you cannot use "cut and paste" for most online problems with symbols and graphics, so READ THIS:How to scan, screen capture online work, or type math symbols. I also show strategies for differentiation, such as the power rule, quotient rule, chain rule, etc., as well as integration techniques, such as integration by parts, by partial fractions, trigonometric substitution, etc. Look here for more advanced topics starting with pre-cal and extending through multivariable calculus. Send us your feedback on the right and let us know how we can provide you with a better experience on the site. A Ratio – A comparison of things as a ratio can be expressed in one of two ways: first, the “old fashioned” method, a:b, pronounced “a is to b“; and second, as found in newer books, a/b. If the student is weak in these areas, time is better spent reviewing the basics for additional help. Show that E[X^n] = 0 if n is odd, and (n-1)(n-3)...3 x 1 if n is even. Math is a building process. To work with fractions, the student needs, at a minimum, help on thesis strong skills in mathematical fundamentals including adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. I provide tutoring and homework help in high school physics, general physics, and calculus based physics for engineers. Principles of Reactivity: Other Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria: The Common Ion Effect and Buffer Solutions, Using the Henderson-Hasselbach Equation. Solutions and Their Behavior (or misbehavior!): Concentration: Molarity, molality, % mass, mole fraction, ppm, ppb, The Solution Process, Henry's Law, Raoult's Law, Boiling Point Elevation, Freezing Point Depression, Colligative Properties and Molar Mass Determination, Colligative Properties of Ionic Compounds, Osmosis, Colloids.

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If you remember the rule, you can solve any problem! The shop sold the bat at a profit of 30% and the ball at a loss to 15% for 4500. Intermolecular Forces and Liquids: Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, dipole moment, dipole-dipole, Van der Waals forces, London dispersion forces, hydrogen bonding, ion-dipole. The Chemistry of the Transition Elements: Properties of Transition Elements, Formulas of Coordination Compounds, Naming Coordination Compounds, Isomerism, Magnetic Properties of Complexes, Spectroscopy of Complexes, homework anxiety help Organometallic Compounds. As a homework helper, this table shows you how the “same” whole can be divided into a different number of equal parts. Contact me (David Roth) to schedule a time for online tutoring. It's the proof-solving that gets to be a real killer in this class! Learning to graph equations is the key to understanding almost all of these topics. I also provide tutoring with trigonometry involving complex numbers, i can't do my dissertation the law of sines and the law of cosines. Trigonometry ("Trig") starts fairly simple, but quickly becomes a real bear. Here’s the truth: all math problems can be solved using rules that govern the operation. I've helped many students in Tulsa pass their classes. After you agree to the price we will send you a bill in your email that can be paid by PayPal or Credit card. Gas Laws and Kinetic-Molecular Theory: Pressure, Boyle's Law and Charles's Law, The General Gas Law (Combined Gas Law), Avogadro's Hypothesis, Ideal Gas Law, Gas Density, Ideal Gas Laws and Determining Molar Mass, Gas Laws and Stoichiometry, Gas Mixtures and Dalton's Law, Kinetic-Molecular Theory, Diffusion and Effusion, Nonideal Gases. Well, there is a special collection of numbers called fractions, which are usually denoted by a/b, where “a” and “b” are whole numbers and “b” is not equal to “0”. All math builds on what came before. Here's where we cover basics, like the mean & and median, along with links to more advanced statistics topics. A Quotient – The fraction 2/3 may be considered as a quotient, 2 ÷ 3. To multiply a whole number and a fraction, complete the following steps. Laplace transforms when to use derivative? View step-by-step answers to math homework problems from your textbook. Bonding and Molecular Structure: Orbital Hybridization and Molecular Orbitals: Valence Bond Theory & Molecular Orbital Theory. Before you can make “heads” or “tails” out of fractions, it would be helpful if we first agree that the basic idea of a fraction can be ABSTRACT, unless we name the WHOLE to which we are referring. Basic Concepts of Chemistry: SI Units and unit conversions, a.k.a. Sines and cosine, angles and formulae.

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I asked my teacher for help on this problem and received virtually no help. Word Problem Tuesday November 06, 2018The question says a ball and a bat cost 4000 USD together. Award-Winning claim based on CBS Local and Houston Press awards. It is important that students understand the early part of trig, the unit circle and basic trig functions (sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, cotangent). Well, you could give each person one cookie, then another, and so on until you had given the same amount to each. Any good math tutor can show you how to make the best use of your calculator. While I do my best to make sure the student turns in good homework, I also try to discourage cheating and focus on learning the material so that the student will do well on exams. As a physics tutor, I focus heavily on showing students how to make drawings of their physics problems and I insist that they try this themselves. Equations of Motion (Kinematics), Newton’s first Law, Newton’s 2nd Law, F = ma, torque, rotational motion, acceleration, angular acceleration, work, W = Fd, Power, P = W/t, Thermodynamics, relativity, Newtonian motion, vector addition (both graphically and analytically), cross product, dot product, balancing forces, equilibrium, balancing torques, etc. E[x^n] when n is odd as opposed to when it's even Tuesday November 06, 2018Let X be a random variable with N(0,1) distribution. If you can find a face-to-face tutor in your town, I would highly recommend this over online tutoring. Although they are used by everyday people in construction, crafting and cooking, somehow many people convince themselves that learning fractions is a hard thing to do. Many students struggle with trig identities and solving trigonometric equations. If you have six cookies, then you could represent this process with simple math by dividing 6 by 3, and each person would get two cookies. You might recall that in math a number is a point on the number line. As a math tutor, I do my best helping students avoid these mistakes. To divide a fraction by a whole number, convert the division process to a multiplication process, by using the following steps. Strengthen your fraction skills to excel at advanced math.

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I try to take a more intuitive and graphical approach to algebra tutoring. This is all you need for your online class cheating. Please DO NOT send us credit card info, please pay at the PayPal link we send you. Covering pre-algebra through algebra 3 with a variety of introductory and advanced lessons. The Part-Whole – The part-whole explanation of a fraction is where a number like 1/5 indicates that a whole has been separated into five equal parts and one of those parts are being considered. My deadline (central standard time). Many students try to get me just provide homework help and use my services as a homework cheat service and I try to discourage this because the students need to know the material to pass the exams. I can help you find a math tutor in your town. One way to solve the problem is to break-up each cookie into three equal parts and give each person 1/3 of each cookie so that in the end, each person gets 1/3 + 1/3 or 2/3 cookies. Would you like to see additional content? What happened? There’s a good chance fractions happened, that’s what! Varsity Tutors does not have affiliation with universities mentioned on its website.