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I created this zig zag pillow tutorial for a guest post on Ucreate a while back, but I wanted to share it here as well. When I do want a beauty splurge, I turn to Daiso – a Japanese version of the Dollar Store, except in the US it’s $1.50. I worry about the headline-don’t treat yourself-lives of asceticism often lead to excess later. This is also a 3x a year per person thing. Hey, at least we know we’re in good company :)! Have you ever looked around at all the wonderful free patterns available? My acne was so painful, and I would never have asked my husband go through that experience, do why would I subject myself to it? The list includes:Check homework planner and make sure that any worksheets are in the homework folder.Make sure you understand what to do for each assignment in the homework planner. This one is the Open Wide Zipper Pouch. My problem is that unlike mr. Pop my husband does enjoy when I do myself up. I know it sounds counter intuitive, university application essay help but it actually keeps your skin from over-producing oil. My goal is to use it for those expense that already exist and pay it off every month. Which in turn saves me from spending too much money on makeup. Great post and website! Totally agree about the no make up. I very rarely wear makeup – I think the last time might have been our wedding (over 7 years ago). It is so rough on my husband, Jonathan. Good luck with your interviews :)!

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At the same time, my skincare/haircare and makeup routine are part of how I send back appreciation and love to myself, my body, and my family. My (borrowed) slogan these days is “Nothing looks as good as kindness feels.” And that means kindness to yourself and all living beings. It’s still very expensive. In the olden days, folks looked on the internet for a free recipe, made a list of those ingredients on their smartphone, went to the grocery store, purchased these very same ingredients, and created these very same meals for a fraction of the cost. I think it’s more from laziness than anything, although after a while, I just didn’t like the feeling of a “mask” on me anymore. I think you really hit the heart of how and why people sabotage themselves financially and would have loved for you to expand on that. This was about half on target for me. And +1000 to you for no shaving. I accept it though since it makes a really major and significant improvement to my appearance. Ack! Food! My downfall every time. Unlike you, I have hair that is… unfortunate. I really don't like that feeling and need tools to relate. Bad day? Shop online for a new pair of shoes. Happy October Friday!  It’s a cold and rainy day and my kids are home for Fall Break. It never feels dry anymore and when it does occasionally I use shea butter. Love that your morning routine is reading and writing instead of makeup–that’s my routine too :)!

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And I don’t think this mindset stops once we attain goals, it’s more of an ongoing commitment to self-improvement. Did our grandparents treat themselves? I definitely want to stay as healthy as I possibly can. While people have surely always wasted their money, the options for doing so are now astronomically greater. I like the concept of not having an “expiration date”–I think women are beautiful for their entire lives, not just in their 20s! I learned a lot from others’ experiences (we had a chat session each time), and I loved hearing the birth stories (our instructor was a doula for some of the women in class, including me). My parents have the best intentions, but the words we speak to children hold so much power; they tell them what we value. For Halloween ! Hahahha I think I use it for its original purpose to make myself something I’m not! I love this post! I have very sensitive skin so I never really started wearing make up. I’m in complete agreement with you about the beauty industry! Making this apron was so much easier than writing about it. I went through a brief time of it in HS, college, and my first job. I also learned how to make soap from a friend of mine and have enough bars to keep me in soap for years! I think of our “treats” more like memories than like products, so that has become our mentality. Bimonthly facials and a manageable skincare routine have basically cured my adult acne. And it’s all chemical free! I don’t wear any makeup to hide it, though.

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On the flip side, if you spend all your money buying crap you don’t need, you’ll probably never be able to pull off early retirement and a solid financial independence situation. However, I love it when my husband buys me a little sparkly from Claire’s at the mall for my birthday, Christmas, or St. I get that water/ electricity costs money, but in my book, that was a seriously great treat! We wanted to make a picnic quilt that was whimsical and easy. I started a new embroidery which I’m totally in love with. I am so happy you wrote this post! He pointed out that when I criticize my figure, I’m projecting negativity onto everyone around me. Two weeks ago I threw out multiple makeup brushes and the eyeshadows I used them for only once in a blue moon. I moisturize my face and hair at night with coconut oil. The snow has been falling here… making our home feel cozy and warm. We almost finished my quilt and I love sewing and learning from her. We provide round the clock service. Plus, my face looks brighter, so I suspect it exfoliates a bit as well. I’ve been thinking more and more that people spend insane amounts of money just to treat themselves for getting a bit more out of debt. I grew up in an interesting mix of home-grown, small town farming life (fresh veg, fruit and chickens) mixed with a treat yourself, we-didn’t-have-much-growing-up-so-you-kids-will-have-everything life. I decreased the amount of time I spend getting ready each day and slowly, I eliminated beauty products and regimens from my life.

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My nine year old son knows he needs to do his homework...but he stalls for as long as possible. And banning online shopping (beyond Amazon essentials) can really help you break the habit. Recently we were invited to participate in a Chinese new year dinner night…$60.00 per person plus drinks, tip & taxi…easily a $200.00 night for us. Great post!! You’re so right about companies making millions by making us feel like there’s something wrong with us. I definitely recommend that you keep exercising for as long as you can while pregnant. There are lots of solutions for tracing an embroidery pattern to fabric.