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Do you have any Physics Questions? Parents are considered the “teacher of record” and will be responsible for reviewing and grading the offline lessons and writing projects. The system also reinforces concepts, tracks progress, homework help 2nd grade math and keeps printable reports that parents can turn into student transcripts or include with homeschool portfolios. Many types of organisms will be considered, including animals, plants, viruses, bacteria, and protists. For a more detailed description of the lessons, visit the high school Physics course overview. Physics graduates work in such diverse fields as engineering, computer or information systems, medical technology, technical writing, finance, and education. Three electives from: PHY 2100, 2200, 3110, 3210, 3310, 3400, 3500, 3600, 3700, and CHM 4020 (12). Our graduates’ career choices are as diverse as our students themselves. In each high school course, literacy is addressed in the activities in the form of vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and writing activities. If you are looking to enter the workforce right after graduation, your degree will open up a range of possibilities. According to statistics from the American Institute of Physics shown below, nearly half of physics majors graduating from High Point University will enter industry and just over half will attend graduate school. For a more detailed description of the lessons, visit the high school Biology course overview. The B.A. degree is more flexible and requires fewer credits, so it is a good degree to choose for students who are double-majoring or are combining physics with other interests. In this lesson, students will explore the five conditions that affect the rate of reaction. This course prepares students for further study of science in Chemistry. Time4Learning's secure, automated learning system teaches the lessons, reinforces concepts with plenty of practice, tracks, progress, and keeps printable reports that parents can turn into transcripts or include with homeschool portfolios. If you choose graduate school, an undergraduate degree in physics is excellent preparation for graduate studies in a number of fields including astronomy, earth and atmospheric science, biophysics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, service essay nhs and nuclear engineering, to name just a few. Physics majors become proficient in using the programming language Python for computational modeling and numerical problem solving.

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Time4Learning high school offers an online, interactive curriculum for ninth through twelfth grade that correlates to state standards. Jake Brooks, ’16 – Pursuing his Ph.D. A B.S. in Physics requires an additional 14 credit hours. With such a supportive environment to live in, I never needed to worry about anything other than my studies. In their first or second year, majors take a year-long, one credit course in undergraduate research where they complete an independent research project with a faculty member. However, physics majors may also choose a career in teaching, medicine, finance or law, for example. High school science curriculum is designed to help students prepare for college study as they pursue careers in technology, medicine, engineering, manufacturing, and other related science fields. Send a gift of education to someone you care. He also helped give me the opportunities to attend conferences and do presentations that not only helped my confidence but helped me find experiences like this one [Mather internship at the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology].” Watch Nikki’s internship profile. In this lesson, students will learn about the theory of plate tectonics. Even within those studies, there was substantial freedom: countless projects I chose myself, numerous opportunities to work with professors and bountiful occasions to give my own personal feedback. Python and computational modeling are first taught using Matter & Interactions in our introductory, calculus-based physics course, typically taken by physics majors in the freshman year. Two of these electives must come from PHY 3110, PHY 3210, PHY 3310, and PHY 3400. It allows for more breadth in a student’s education. He was my physics advisor. He really helped encourage me to explore my variety of interests whether it was research…or pursuing a law degree. In this lesson, writing custom attributes students are asked to identify differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Therefore, Time4Learning cannot be accredited, nor can homeschooled students “graduate” from Time4Learning.

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For example, if you want to go into biophysics, you should take courses in general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and general biology, for example. In the high school Biology I course, students learn about the basics of cell structures. With strong problem solving skills and theoretical understanding, experience in designing and carrying out experiments, and knowledge of computational tools, our graduates are prepared for a variety of careers and graduate programs in science, engineering, and technology. Potential careers and graduate study include all traditional areas in physics, astronomy, engineering, atmospheric science, nanotechnology, microelectronics, computer programming and technology, materials science, biophysics and medical physics. Some other topics include energy, rotational mechanics, temperature and heat, thermodynamics, and vibrations and waves. Its very difficult to select a most impactful mentor, because I had so many mentors in very different situations and contexts. High school is distinguished from the PreK-8th grades by an increased emphasis on higher order thinking skills, the effective combination of video with animation, business plan for service improvement and an increased number of writing projects designed to help students achieve overall college and career readiness. Undergraduate research, public outreach, summer internships, publications, and R&D projects…there’s a lot going on in the Department of Physics at High Point University. We invite you to browse our website, blog, course materials, and photo galleries. In the high school Chemistry course, students learn about chemical reactions. In the high school Physical Science course, name order on research paper students learn about magnetism. The site is always in development and we are adding new material all the time. My biggest mentor at HPU was Dr. Mathematics is the language of physics and the material at Splung.com uses mathematics and physics simulations to make difficult physics concepts more understandable and fun. Interactive Simulations - great! Nikki Sanford, ’13 – J.D. Revise physics or do homework for your physics course. Why not try the physics forum. It is moderated by a qualified physicist who is happy to help and advise on questions in physics or mathematics.

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Students investigate matter through its states and properties. Splung.com is an online general physics web site aimed at high-school students, or college students taking physics. For a more detailed description of the lessons, visit the high school Chemistry course overview. Time4Learning can be used for homeschool, afterschool and summer skill building. In this lesson, do my computer programming homework students will learn how heat is transferred spontaneously between objects. This course prepares students for further study of science in Physics. Visit the physics forum for help and advice with your physics problems. In this lesson, students will learn how magnetism and electricity are related. Using Flash simulations and interactive Flash experiments extensively demonstrate key-concepts such as the charge and discharge of capacitors or the conservation of momentum during collisions. Physics uses a combination of instructional videos, printed worksheets, writing exercises, tests and quizzes to investigate matter and energy and how they interact. Kevin Sanders, ’14 – M.S. Aaron Titus of the Physics Department. In high school Earth Science, students are introduced to Geology. Students use their own individual login to access Time4Learning’s secure, ad-free learning environment. PHY 2001 Research and Scientific Writing in Physics I and PHY 2002 Research and Scientific Writing in Physics II and PHY 4000 (Undergraduate Research in Physics).

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