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There always seems to be something new to learn when it comes to SEO, but I think that’s one of the things I enjoy the most about it. I don't think .net is 'picky about deserializing arrays'. Documents are sometimes classified as secret, private, or public. This will definitely give me a lot to think about. In parallel, the new processes are fixed based on the learnings from the pilot phase and the supporting organization is designed and introduced. We’ve always heard that different pages have different PR and therefore give more ‘juice’ but to actually see the drawn out patent of it is a great insight! I think the patent raises a lot of issues worth exploring. Its been a while since I have read through Google patents but I remember how time consuming this is. However, none has actually achieved the goal of cost reduction in this budget line item. The probability that the random surfer visits a page is its PageRank. I think Google give more priority to links from relevant websites for search ranking. It’s a three thumbs up!!!! Anyways, thanks again for the write-up. The combination of query dependent signals like anchor text and query independent signals like pagerank determine how highly this page might rank within search results. Copyright 2018 DBQ Project. All Rights Reserved. Under that approach, any link from the same page might carry the same amount of weight, or importance, when pointed to another page. Today, some short documents also may consist of sheets of paper stapled together. As far as being misleading signal: say, pay someone to write your college essay I list a number of important links in the alphabetic order (let’s say it’s in English for simplicity to avoid opening another can of worms). I’ve seen a few articles/blog posts recently that reference this post. What are KRIs and KPIs, and how can they support a risk-based approach? During this time, students read the passage and, if desired, make notes or markings. A proper suite of KRIs combining leading and lagging KRIs allows a study management team to plan and execute a risk-based strategy, law dissertation buy and KRIs can be benchmarked via empirical data analyses.

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House and Senate bills are numbered in serial order as they are filed. Another thing about the anchor text length, i read in some seo article that the max length of anchor text should be ~55 chars, anything beyond that is ignored by google (in think in hobo blog). So, those were probably considered “authority” sites, hence the good position in SERPs for low quality sites, essay help for college application made just for advertising. Anyway, there's little point in posting it here, just open up jQuery and look at the bindReady method. Query is a pretty tiny library, and it handles all sorts of cross-browser things you'll need later. Analyzing compliance data from past studies, i.e., analyzing the behavior of a KRI threshold in studies known for good compliance vs. Edit of the edit of @duskwuff to support Internet Explorer 8 too. The DOMContentLoaded event is available in IE9 and everything else, so I personally think it's OK to use this. Is it an “expert” page, as in Jon Kleinberg’s HITS approach with Hub pages and Authority pages? Is it a page associated with a specific Named Entity by Google, so that when a query includes that named entity, the search engine may return that page as the top result? Truly appreciate the insight, Bill. For example, if an important link appears lower in the text (assuming that Google sees lower links as less important by default), it may be beneficial to ‘bold’ the link to stress its importance. In the PoC phase, the tools, methodologies and processes needed to implement a Quality by Design (QbD) and RbM approach are developed and applied in one to a maximum of three studies with teams that are eager to move to a modern RbM methodology. I’m glad I stumbled. Alex. If we reduce the question down to if a link might carry more weight if it’s on a well known site than if it’s on a little known site, I think we need to define that more. If you're getting errors using xsd.exe to create your xsd file, then use the XmlSchemaInference class as mentioned on msdn.

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I’m not convinced either that links back and forth between two different sites are completely useless and not counted by Google. There are many solutions to RbM, whether they are built by using a spreadsheet or supported by a highly sophisticated IT system with automated data analysis. Open the XML document in Visual Studio, right click on the XML, choose properties. The specific examples in the patent may or may not be in use, and if the process described in the patent is being used presently, new features may have been developed since 2004, but the basic concept is pretty simple – some links on a page are more likely to be clicked on than others, and are more meaningful than others. If the anchor text of a link is bolded, whether through the use of a strong element or a bold element, does that make a difference to the search engines? If larger volumes of data need to be assessed, more sophisticated web-based tools may be user-friendlier. In your opinion do you think it would be better to have a banner w/ a followed link at the top of a page or a text link on the right hand side of a page? Others seem like they cover areas that Google may not go into, and may have filed to try to stop others from entering that field. All of the link parameters that are becoming important are directly affected by the webmaster of the linking site. You can say that listing those links in such order is the webmaster’s mistake. The patent provides a mix of features related to links that are all taken together into consideration, rather than any one by itself. Since people are people–even if we can disect Google’s patent, we still have to interact with each other–I think the best means to achieve the ideal factors here is to simply build more quality links. The other bit of code provided by @erymski ... Typically, in the PoC there is little IT involvement and the tools developed and employed use simple technology such as structured questionnaires built in spreadsheets. Each year my students perform at higher and higher levels. I think it stands to reason that the new(er) paradigm should be renamed to “Reasonable Webmaster”. See my post How a Search Engine Might Analyze the Linking Structure of a Web Site, which describes how Microsoft may have approached that issue. But what I also wanted to know or have your thoughts on rather was is there a big/definitive line between authoritative sites in a certain field.

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In that case, does Google really not count a nofollow link if it’s within a text and clicked on my many visitors? The word originates from the Latin documentum, which denotes a "teaching" or "lesson": the verb doceō denotes "to teach". This was definitely one of the most interesting patents that I’ve seen from Google over the past few years, and it feels like it still has a lot of value today. I think what will catch reader’s attentions the most is that trafic received by each link can have an influence on its value. The 3 winners, presented a 20min extended version on Day 1 of the event which had about 100 attendees in the room. Indeed, any threshold needs to be justified by means of objective criteria. Rather than focusing upon those arguments, I’d much rather see what it is we can learn about the search engines, and the underlying assumptions that they may make about search and searchers and the Web.