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Bureau de change - This is the name of one of the ANZ branches which provides services for exchanging foreign cash and travellers cheques. The secondary cardholder is not responsible for any money owed on a credit card. Overdrawn - When an amount of money is taken out of a bank account which is greater than the balance of the account. Offset account - A bank account that is linked to a nominated home or residential investment loan. For example, buying something with your credit card and paying it back later, or taking out a home loan to buy a house. The estimate might be different if repayment type is interest only. Our home loan specialists will be there throughout the entire Home Loan process, from application to settlement and beyond. Annuity - A payment at regular intervals of a certain sum of money for a term of years or during the life of an individual. Rates shown apply during the interest only period of your loan. Please allow time for processing and postal delivery. Your doctor will need to submit a Medical Necessity form on your behalf to your workers compensation insurer for pre-approval prior to surgery. Finance company- A company which provides loans to customers, civil service essay answers usually at interest rates which are higher than banks, building societies and credit unions. Dividend Imputation - A tax system, where dividends paid by a taxpaying Australian company to its shareholders, carry a credit for the tax the company has already paid on its profits. The fees shown in the reports are a forecast and general indication only and should not be relied upon. Building society- A financial services organisation which is similar to a bank but it is owned by members. The Body Corporate usually has the responsibility for the management and upkeep of common areas of the property. Plan - This shows the ground plan design, elevation of house, number and size of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry layout and position of the house on the land. Credit cards are usually unsecured. Zoning - Zonings fall into many categories, the two most common being commercial and residential.

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This is an estimate for illustrative purposes only and is based on the limited information provided. Banks will place a limit on the debt to equity ratio depending on things such as the type of property, the location and the financial position of the borrower. It also doesn't include other fees and charges that are 'event based' and which may or may not apply throughout the term of your loan (for example, redraw fees and early repayment costs). If you don’t have cheque book, a bank cheque can be purchased at an ANZ Branch by ANZ account holders and issued immediately. It does not constitute an offer of credit. See mortgage, interest and term. If you're looking to buy your first home we can help you every step of the way. ANZ Sell Ready™ is a trademark of ANZ. Withdrawal - To take money out of a bank account, for example, using an ATM, EFTPOS or by cheque. Wants - The things that are not essential to your survival, such as a mobile phone, candy and chocolate, a CD or DVD or designer clothes for example. Stamp duty - Revenue raised by governments on written instruments such as agreements, conveyances, transfers of land. Redraw - A redraw facility gives you easy access to the money that you have repaid on your loan in excess of your scheduled repayment amounts. Some life events are predictable or planned, such as starting a family or retiring, whereas others are not, such as sudden illness or losing your job. Contract Note - The first document signed on buying a house is sometimes a Contract Note, instead of a Contract of Sale. Some ATMs accept cash deposits and cheques, provide current account balances, transfer money between your accounts and repay credit cards. ANZ Mortgage Protection Insurance is jointly issued by OnePath Life Limited (ABN 33 009 657 176) and QBE. See ANZ Breakfree Terms and Conditions (PDF 80kB) for details. When a bank lends you money, they like to see a long history of steady saving. Accuracy is assessed on final predictions prior to sale, national market comparison of free price predictors for listed properties and sales data as at August 2018. Property value is ANZ's valuation of the security property and may be different to the price you pay for a property. Eligibility for discounts between  and  are based on total mortgage lending requirements and the ANZ Breakfree Terms and Conditions. ANZ may provide pre-approval (also known as Approval in Principle) to eligible customers who apply for an ANZ home loan and complete an application form. Mortgagee - The one who lends the money to purchase the goods or property.

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Looking for your first home, a new home or even an investment? We have the tools to help you land the right property for you. If you don’t have cheque book, a bank cheque can be purchased at an ANZ Branch by ANZ accountholders and issued immediately. Important notice: Simplicity PLUS with Interest Only repayment is no longer available for new applications submitted from 29-May-2017. Per annum (pa) - This means for the year. For a business or a company, income is equal to revenue less expenses. Know the Private and Catholic school fees in your area now and into the future with ANZ School Ready®. Credit history - See Credit file. Invoice - In Australia an invoice is a bill that needs to be paid. School fee data is collected and provided by a third party provider from a national survey and information is generally updated every year. With ANZ, you don't just get a home loan. See important information below. Studs - The uprights in the wall of a building. The search also reveals any restrictive covenants and easements which affect the estate or interest. The appraisal is undertaken for financial lending purposes and may not reflect the actual market value. As this information is based on data collected by a third party provider, ANZ does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this information. Fees and charges may apply to ANZ products. Cash Management Trust - A unit trust where investors (unit holders) pool their money into money market instruments which are normally only available to professional investors with hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in the money market. If you have always paid your bills on time and you have never defaulted on a loan or credit repayments, your credit report may assist you to secure credit.

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After the interest only period, your rate will switch to the applicable variable rate for a principal and interest loan. Interest rate and payments remain the same during the fixed term of the loan regardless of interest rate changes in the market. Mortgage - A document drawn up between a borrower and lender, giving the lender a conditional right to property as security for the money lent. For companies they also offer a large range of products and services.